About Us

Our jewelry line started as a DIY gift idea for our teenage nieces while experimenting with laser cutters in 2016. When they wore them to school, we found out that so many of their friends wanted a pair as well.  So we decided to try selling them at farmers markets and to our surprise they truly were very popular!  Most of our designs are inspired by nature and architecture from our many travels.  Over the years we have gained so many followers that are excited to talk with us about our latest travels and designs. That was an unexpected part of this journey for my wife and I, our travels, and their representations in our humble laser cut wood designs - inspired them too! 

That filled us with gratitude, and we felt so blessed!

Now more than ever I am overwhelmed by how much that meant to my wife, how proud it made her, and what it did for us as a couple. We lost Alana to Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2019, but her zest for life and adventure lives on with us every day.



In loving memory of Alana Tara Ingersoll ( June 29,1982 - October 31, 2019 )

Please help me continue her legacy by sharing our story and our website with all your friends!

All of our products are designed and made in the USA - Gravitate2.US!

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